Armani Figurines

Porcelain figurines by Giuseppe Armani, Florence, Italy

Giuseppe Armani’s (1935-2006) artistic expression was as a sculptor and his inspiration was the Renaissance art he saw in his native Tuscany.  He began his association with Florence Sculture d’Arte in 1975.  He was named “Artist of the Year” by the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers in 1996.

I was a Masterwork Dealer for Armani during the 1990s.  These always beautiful, and sometimes touching, figurines below are some of what remained of my Armani inventory.  They are in mint condition.  Each has its original box.  Those figurines which are limited, as noted in the description below their picture, have a certificate of authenticity.

Prices include ground shipping and insurance to contiguous United States addresses.

Armani Disney Characters


GULLIVER’S WORLD is Armani’s terra-cotta, sculpted representation of children at play. The following 5 pieces are a block set, each numbered 233.  The pieces are limited to 1000.  They are retired and are being offered as a set for the price of $1,875.