Red Fern Glass

Ed Pennebaker creates glass chandeliers and other lights that range from elegant to dramatic and, with a different color selection, as something quite subtle.  Or, as in the chandelier below, as festive and fun.

Whatever the style, color, and size, Ed’s chandeliers, pendant lights and wall sconces are always creative and special.  Very special.  The colors and shapes of the component pieces that Ed makes to build a light turn a ceiling or wall into a visual treat.

It is easy to have one of Ed’s lights that you will love because it is essentially a joint venture between you and Ed’s far-ranging selection of colors, shapes, and sizes.  You can check out the possibilities at and then contact The Taylor Gallery to help you through the purchasing process.

In addition to the impeccable craftsmanship and creativity of his lights, Ed also creates sculptures of glass and metal, as can be seen in the Red Sunglasses wall sculpture below.